How to manage build up on Locks!

Cleansing: As a loc wearer, you must cleanse on a regular basis. Once a week is appropriate for fresh hair and a clean scalp. Use a clear shampoo as opposed to a creamy one as it is better in keeping build-up at bay.

Products: With locks, less is really more, as products can increase build-up. avoid heavy products and stick to lightweight ones. The gels and oils should be light as creamy products can be too heavy for locks.

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Light Hand: Avoid applying too much product, otherwise the build-up will increase at a higher rate. Just apply enough for optimal results. It is ideal to use a routine that works for you. Some locs will do well with a once-a-week moisturizing regime, others will need more. Start with a light application and add it as needed. If you become heavy-handed with product, it is difficult to remove it. 

Beeswax: This is a great holding agent for some styles. However, using it to twist or re-twist locs can lead to build-up. Just a little of it is enough and since locs are not combed, it gets embedded into the hai and is not easy to wash away.

Clarify: Once a month, use a clarifying cleanser to remove any build-up. Increase or decrease the frequency once you are familiar with how often you need to clarify for your hair's best health. If you have excess build-up it may take time to get it out of your hair.