About Us

We at Simplecurlyhair.com are celebrating our 3rd successful year in business. Starting out of a garage, we are now located and headquartered out of our own office in Central, Hong Kong.

Most stores out there sell any product that they can get their hands on, and don't focus on quality of the product at all.

Here at Simplecurlyhair.com we ONLY focus on sourcing and selling the highest-quality MagicCurl on the market. 

With every order, our team goes hard to work at sourcing, quality-managing, and shipping your amazing MagicCurl straight to your doorstep.

You will never see any other product on our store other than what we specialize in -MagicCurls!


Email: support@SimpleCurlyHair.com 

Mailing: Great Global Ltd, 20th Floor, Central Tower, 28 Queenś Road Central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island Hong Kong