How To



For natural, curly or wavy hair: Apply curlers close to the scalp right after washing and drying hair to produce smooth uniform curls with no frizzies. ( Use your favorite product like mousse and edge control on each section for stronger curls )

To create tight curls: Leave curlers in the hair for 3 to 4 hours or overnight. You can slightly moisten ends, or use your favorite product. 

For soft waves or loose curls with a smooth crown: Use on clean, dry hair and wind curler starting mid-strand (for long hair). A blow dryer can be used to warm each curler to activate curls more quickly.

Remember: The longer the curlers remain in the hair, the tighter the curl

Do not use on Wet Hair. ( Hair should be at least 80-90% dry ) Wet hair will take very long to dry since the MagicCurls enclose the hair to create the curls.

To avoid the MagicCurlers to slip off, wind hair beginning with the root and outward toward the ends.(Opposite what you would a hot roller)

When removing the curlers: Please remove carefully to avoid tangling. Unwind the opposite way the hair was wound and use your fingers to separate the curls.
For more volume, comb through each curl and style. For less volume, curls can be relaxed by using a blow dryer to soften the curls.

If curlers are applied to freshly washed hair that is "just" dry, or slightly moist, and stay in the hair overnight, then the curls will be tight and can usually last more than one day.